A Framework for Clinical Communication Supporting Healthcare Delivery

Type Journal Article
Author Jim Jirjis
Author Jacob B. Weiss
Author Dario Giuse
Author S. Trent Rosenbloom
Volume 2005
Pages 375-379
Date 2005
Extra PMID: 16779065
PMCID: 1560606
Journal Abbr AMIA Annu Symp Proc
Library Catalog PubMed Central
Abstract Interpersonal communications related to healthcare delivery, called clinical communications, take up a considerable amount of time. Nonetheless, there exist few tools in electronic health record systems that support clinical communications. We describe a framework for clinical communications and describe our experiences implementing tools to manage and document them within an electronic health record system. Categories of clinical communications include communications between patients and healthcare providers, among healthcare providers on a single clinical team, between healthcare providers in different clinical teams and different institutions, and between healthcare providers and individuals who can provide additional educational or evidence based materials to support care delivery.
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