Beyond paging: building a web-based communication tool for nurses and physicians

Type Journal Article
Author Kenneth A Locke
Author Barbara Duffey-Rosenstein
Author Giancarlo De Lio
Author Dante Morra
Author Nicolas Hariton
Volume 24
Issue 1
Pages 105-110
Publication Journal of General Internal Medicine
ISSN 1525-1497
Date Jan 2009
Extra PMID: 18958533
Journal Abbr J Gen Intern Med
DOI 10.1007/s11606-008-0827-2
Accessed 2010-09-08 21:20:50
Library Catalog NCBI PubMed
Abstract INTRODUCTION: The traditional means of communication between nurses and physicians is through paging. This method is disruptive to the workflow of both professions and is too non-specific to be used for all types of messages. AIMS: We undertook a quality improvement project to streamline communication between nurses and trainees for urgent and non-urgent matters. We assessed user uptake and satisfaction with the new method. SETTING: A General Internal Medicine teaching unit in a tertiary care academic centre. METHODS: Through collaborative techniques, we developed a novel communication method that sends non-urgent messages to a Web-based task list and urgent messages to an alphanumeric pager. We implemented this new technology using a collaborative process between nurses and physicians to address all concerns. EVALUATION: Post-implementation surveillance indicated a high degree of uptake of the new practice. User surveys and focus groups showed a high level of satisfaction and a perceived decrease in interruptions to the workflow of both nurses and physicians with the new system. Usage data indicated that the new system may increase overall non-urgent communication. CONCLUSION: A Web-based system to triage urgent and non-urgent messages between nurses and physicians was developed collaboratively and implemented successfully to improve workflow for both groups.
Short Title Beyond paging
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