In the run up to Christmas, we announced that d4 are working with Happtique, a subsidiary of the not-for-profit Greater New York Hospitals Association (GNYHA). d4.Happtique will make it easier for UK health professionals to discover and use healthcare apps.

We aim to have d4.Happtique fully operational this summer.  Over the course of the next 6 months we will develop our research into the app market and gather feedback from health professionals on

  1. the apps they currently own
  2. the apps they plan to buy, and
  3. the apps they want developers to make

As part of our research we have created a service to help identify and classify the apps bought by health professionals.  An alpha version of is now available, and we will be testing and developing the site further in the coming weeks and months.

The site allows you to browse the full range of apps available via the UK Apple App Store, by device (iPadiPhoneiPod), category (e.g. Health & Fitness) and price (FreePaid). More importantly, it can show which Medical apps are the most popular in the UK, measured by gross revenues (see below) or by number of downloads. These metrics have their downsides, but we hope you’ll agree its a start on our journey to help health professionals find relevant and useful apps.  As always, we’d welcome your feedback.

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