Vodafone mHealth Professional launched today

Vodafone have launched a new offering for healthcare clients in the UK named mHealth Professional.  Today’s press release describes this as signalling “a change in the way healthcare professionals work, offering a step toward the future of healthcare delivery. At a time when the NHS is under increased pressure to drive efficiencies and find savings of £20 billion over the next four years, Vodafone UK is using its expertise in mobile technology to support the healthcare sector, helping to deliver improved patient care more efficiently.”

We wish them every success. Not enough is being done to promote the use of smart phone technology in the UK, so we welcome this move by one of the major mobile network operators.

Looking a little deeper at the proposition, it appears to be nothing more than a packaged offer of existing technologies.  But marketing specifically to NHS procurement teams with high-end solutions – patient management systems, lone worker protection, and data security – is a bold move that should be applauded.

We’ll watch with interest to see if healthcare employers can find the money to invest in such a solution.

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